»When I stand at the start, I want to win.«

André Greipel


The super–svelte Noah SL weighs a scant 950g, yet boasts all of Ridley’s wind-cheating F-technology without sacrificing ride comfort. It’s the weapon of choice for our Lotto Soudal riders, boasting new resin technologies and innovative layups that create explosive power transfer at minimal weight. The Noah SL also relies upon F-surface technology that’s molded into the tubeset for permanent, uncompromising performance. In the hands of a powerful sprinter like Greipel, the Noah SL has become a new pro-Tour standard in the peloton and a regular visitor of the podium.


Put simply, the Dean Fast is among the very fastest tri bikes on the planet. Ridley’s F-technologies create the distinct, sculpted, wind-cheating designs that can save competitors up to two minutes when riding 112 miles across the wind-swept Kona course. This is achieved partly via careful molded-in F-surface technology and all-internal cable routing – both of which create some of the cleanest laminar flows on any tri bike available, particularly in real-world riding situations. Every rider will appreciate the custom stack-and-reach, making the Dean Fast fit everyone with the lowest possible riding position.


Innovative layups and a relentless drive to minimize frame weight is what causes Lotto Soudal’s Tim Wellens to praise the Ridley Helium SL. The bike possesses tremendous power transfer, important for sprint points and powerful climbing characteristics, and it boasts the lightweight technologies that form Ridley’s design DNA, including the precise-steering tapered headtube, Pressfit 30, and internal cable routing. Refined tube shapes, from the sharp edge downtube to ovalized seatstays, create pedaling efficiency and dampen high-frequency road vibrations, respectively. Notably, André Greipel sprinted to the German championship on a Helium SL, and also used one on the cobblestones – making the Helium SL one versatile rig.


The Fenix SL is a thoroughbred racer in an endurance disguise. We took all the best of our Fenix, Helium SL and Noah SL, and put it into the Fenix SL. The stiff and aerodynamic headtube, combined with the strong bottom bracket and the light and narrow seatstays do not only make it look sexy, they make it fast as well. We could only just get some of the Lotto Soudal riders to give their bikes back after they were done testing the Fenix SL.


Having won the second stage of the Tour de France in 2015, I wore the green jersey and promptly received the matching bike. A luscious green Ridley Noah. Thank you again to the whole team at Lotto Soudal and our partner Ridley, who made that possible in just one night.

Strictly limited edition of the Ridley in the unique Gorilla special lacquering
  • Frame weight: approx. 1200 g

    Reinforced bottom brackets for an improved power transmission

    Optimal pipe dimensions for the appropriate frame size to achieve an optimal stiffness-to-weight relation

    Pro Tour geometry and oversized pipes allow for faster acceleration and precise handling

    HM-carbon fibre (High Modulus) with 24 t traction allow for an optimal mix of stiffness and comfort (see manufacturing at Ridley: Ridley-Carbon Fibre)

    Mono seat stays for improved comfort

    Fork: 4ZA Orion Carbon-Aluminium