Extended partnership with Sanas

Extended partnership with Sanas


Lotto Soudal and Sanas have extended their partnership by one year. Since 2015, the Belgian company has been supplying the team with food supplements. This year, the range has been extended with among others gels, bars and isotonic drinks.

Arne Heyse, sales and marketing Sanas: “The collaboration with Lotto Soudal is very positive and it was thus a logic decision to extend the agreement. When we became a partner of Lotto Soudal, we wanted to explore the market of the endurance athletes, in which we certainly succeeded. Since this year, our products can be bought at pharmacies, which is going well. Thanks to the collaboration with Lotto Soudal, we were able to gain brand awareness and the fact that pro’s such as the Lotto Soudal riders use our products, gives confidence to the consumer. This partnership has opened many doors for us.”

“Our passion for cycling has only increased during the past years and we really appreciate the feedback of the cyclists and the medical staff. Together we are constantly developing and optimizing new products. One and a half months ago we had a meeting with the riders. We really value the input of the team.”

“We want to offer the cyclists and endurance athletes in general a wide range, in terms of flavour as well as shape. We already have a pancake mix in our range. For the moment we are working on a recovery soup as an alternative to the traditional recovery shake. Next year, we will also launch an isotonic drink with ice tea peach flavour, very refreshing on hot days. In addition to the traditional sweet energy bars, we also want to add salt tastes to our range. At Sanas, we keep innovating.”

Servaas Bingé, team doctor Lotto Soudal: “Sports nutrition and supplements are an important pillar for the performance of a cyclist and it is very important to have a good partner in that field. With Sanas, we have an excellent partnership. The relationship between Sanas and the team is very good. Our riders are very satisfied with their products. Thanks to the close contact between Sanas and the team, the range has been extended, taking into account the wishes of our medical staff and cyclists. There is a dynamic interaction between both parties. People at Sanas are always searching for the most ideal composition of their products.”

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